About the Band

With an eye toward tight arrangements and sparse instrumentation, Copper Dalton's music is an urgent brand of melodic modern rock.

Joe Tristano (lead vocals, guitar), Chris Feil (drums), and Charlie Bonnell (bass) have been creating music together for more than two decades. Their story showcases the humor, conflict, and ultimate growth that resulted from forging a unique voice for the band.

From their first, dangerously wired P.A. system, which Bonnell claims shocked him clear across their rehearsal room, to creative obstacles, both personal and stylistic, the members of Copper Dalton have remained committed to the challenges of the craft. "Copper Dalton has been the lure for us," says Tristano. "We have been drawn to it, it's ensnared us, and we've served each other through the band."

Since the release of their first CD, Copper Dalton put the finishing touches on their second album - a double album, released in July of 2014, followed by two more albums in 2017. In addition, they penned a song for the film, Remedy, directed by Christian Maelen.

"Music is something that got under our skin when we were just kids," Tristano adds. "We're grateful to be able to give back to that tradition."

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